Adieu, Rosetta !

Well, it’s an emotional moment, I have to admit. Knowing that Rosetta will reach the surface of the comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko in a controlled impact in several hours from now, is quite hard to imagine. But this is the reality, however. Launched in 2004, Rosetta arrived at her comet in August 2014 after more than 10 years of space travel and has been accompanying this amazing bi-lobed space rock for more than 2 years to day. In a nutshell, during this … Continue Reading →


Maths behind the ‘Black hole in your pocket’ Video by kurzgesagt – Part 1

I guess the tittle explains it all. I assume you arrived at this page after having watched the recent video by kurzgesagt on youtube. If you’ve not watched it already, I invite you to have a look at the video below. Now that you’ve watched the video I assume that you’ve gathered some background in order to read further. What would be the aftermath if you had a black hole in your pocket? Kurzgesagt suggests 2 scenarios to tackle the … Continue Reading →

photo 3 edit web

Un double arc-en-ciel à Paris

Ce n’est pas tous les jours que l’on voit des arcs-en-ciel dans la vie quotidienne. Il faut avoir la bonne combinaison de pluie et de soleil. Ceci dit, c’est évident que voir un double arc-en-ciel est un phénomène qui est extrêmement rare, personnellement je n’en avais jamais vu. Donc aujourd’hui je vais vous présenter le seul double arc-en-ciel que j’aie jamais vu. C’était il y a environs 3 semaines, le 19 mai 2015 au juste et j’étais en train de … Continue Reading →

total lunar eclipse - october 2014

Photos from Total Lunar Eclipse – October 2014

In fact it’s been a week since my previous blog post. We’ve had the total lunar eclipse last Wednesday and observations from Hanoi were not so much disappointing, despite the inherent urban light pollution. In my case I was observing from the rooftop of our house in Dao Tan, Hanoi located close to the Lotte shopping center and didn’t manage to spot the totality of this eclipse due to aforementioned reasons. The predicted localized timings were as follows according to … Continue Reading →


Total Lunar Eclipse October 2014 Featuring Blood Moon from Hanoi

Eclipse is in the air ! In my life as an amateur astronomer I’ve had a lot of fun with solar eclipses, but now it’s the time to mingle a bit with lunar eclipses. As I blog this entry from Hanoi, both penumbral and partial phases of today’s total lunar eclipse have already started. But what am I doing sitting down in front of a laptop and not out there observing ? I’ve got my reasons though. In fact in Hanoi … Continue Reading →

Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan student names an asteroid [Press Release]

Today I have the following news to publish as the World Space Week 2014 kicks off worldwide. It’s not often that someone from Sri Lanka gets to name an asteroid. It’s indeed remarkable when it’s a teenager.  Here it goes….. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ In an international campaign to name an asteroid, Chanaka Perera (17) from Sri Lanka, submitted one of over 1500 entries. His suggestion – Rayjay – after Prof. Ray Jayawardhana was officially accepted by the International Astronomical Union and asteroid … Continue Reading →

Me at the Molesworth Telescope

Back at the Molesworth Telescope

Recently I was back in Sri Lanka for a short stay of about a fortnight and was able to visit the historic Molesworth Telescope. As usual the telescope was found installed with its dome in the grounds of the University of Colombo and was under the custody of Mathematical & Astronomical Society (MAS) of University of Colombo (UoC). This telescope is named after major Percy Braybrooke Molesworth (1867 – 1908) who owned it in the first place. He had settled in … Continue Reading →

PSR J2145-0750

Determining pulsar period for a given time

Thanks to the recent accomplishments in the pulsar astronomy, now it has become possible to do a lot of science with pulsars. Potential practices include, testing general relativity, indirect detection of gravitational waves, etc. In this domain, the applications involved with millisecond pulsars (MSPs) are abundant majorly due to the precision of their orbital period, allowing to make models using pulsar timing and further research. However in this article I’m not going to discuss too much about such applications, rather … Continue Reading →

At the VATLY Small Radio Telescope

Breaking the monotanous hiatus

I know that my blogging has undergone a significant hiatus lately, specially during the last year or so, as opposed to the period when I used to blog at IYA2009 SRI LANKA during IYA2009 and Beyond IYA2009. Well, that’s a different story though, as I was not so busy as I’ve been during the past 11 months, where I was instead focused on the 1st year of my Masters degree. Owing to the latter I thus managed to maintain a steady blogging-hiatus … Continue Reading →


Rainbow and Mammatus Cloud Formations in Hanoi

Apparently today afternoon (27th May) turned out to be bit different for Hanoians at least in terms of weather and nature. There was a short whoever towards the late afternoon and around 6pm a spectacular rainbow was visible spanning well over 90 degrees just close to the southeastern horizon. Luckily I managed to be outside that moment and took some pictures, which are shared herewith. Posted also are the typical Mammatus cloud formations that followed shortly. Enjoy !!