Fiami Sent me a Christmas Gift for IYA2009 : The Lives of Galileo

This was the most amazing bit of highlight that I’ve got at the moment. It is all about Fiami and his generosity. Yep, he send me a hard copy of his book « Lives of Galileo ». I received the English version during this Christmas week, and I was very delighted to have received it. I’m sure I’ll never ever forget this in my life. I’ve also attached the images of the book and you can browse them here. Credit should go to my Uni friend Lakitha for photos.I have been trying to get this amazing science, astronomy much popularized among all. Therefore I believe Fiami’s this exceptional service should be highly valued and appraised, for Fiami, himself has devoted to the course of popularization of astronomy by publishing a book, which depicts the world history and he takes the reader on a tour to different parts of human history with Galileo.

fiami, iya2009, lives, galileo, galilei

Galileo Galilei, whom after the IYA2009 has most been talked about, is significantly brought closer to general public by Fiami. Fiami gretely contributed to IYA2009 with his comic book « The Lives Of Galileo » and his comic book was translated to over 10 languages worldwide, thus boosting the meaning and theme of IYA2009,:- Discovering the universe yourself !!

fiami, iya2009, lives, galileo, galilei

In addition I take this opportunity to thank and congratulate Fiami for the service he’s rendered to everybody !!

You can also browse for detailed stuff for Fiami’s site

Here is the thanking video I made for Fiami.

Originally posted here on 31st December 2009


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