Me at the Molesworth Telescope

Back at the Molesworth Telescope

Recently I was back in Sri Lanka for a short stay of about a fortnight and was able to visit the historic Molesworth Telescope. As usual the telescope was found installed with its dome in the grounds of the University of Colombo and was under the custody of Mathematical & Astronomical Society (MAS) of University of Colombo (UoC). This telescope is named after major Percy Braybrooke Molesworth (1867 – 1908) who owned it in the first place. He had settled in … Continue Reading →


Rainbow and Mammatus Cloud Formations in Hanoi

Apparently today afternoon (27th May) turned out to be bit different for Hanoians at least in terms of weather and nature. There was a short whoever towards the late afternoon and around 6pm a spectacular rainbow was visible spanning well over 90 degrees just close to the southeastern horizon. Luckily I managed to be outside that moment and took some pictures, which are shared herewith. Posted also are the typical Mammatus cloud formations that followed shortly. Enjoy !!


64th IAC

I guess I had to undergo a certain hiatus before publishing this post due to the university exams, that took place in March and the immediate plethora of reports that I was compelled to work on just afterwards.  Nevertheless I bring herewith an account of my experience at 64th IAC held in Beijing, China last September following the 12th SGC as promised. However I should contemplate to blog more often retrieving the frequency that I used to have when I … Continue Reading →


12th SGC – Beijing, China – September 2013

Last September in 2013, I took part in the 12th Space Generation Congress (SGC) and 64th International Astronautical Congress (IAC), both of which took place in Beijing, China, representing Sri Lanka as a delegate. Space Generation Congress is annually organized by Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC) , in parallel to the International Astronautical Congress just about a week prior to the latter typically in the same city. Although I’ve been working with SGAC for a while (as the National Point … Continue Reading →

6th International Meeting of Astronomy and Astronautics

6th International Meeting of Astronomy and Astronautics 2013 -Brazil

Briefing The 6th International Meeting of Astronomy and Astronautics is scheduled to take place from 18th  to 20th of  April 2013 in  Campos dos Goytacazes, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The 3-day event will feature workshops, interactive mobile planetarium session, exhibitions, star parties as well as resourceful presentations on astronomy and astronautics delivered by  participants from scientific community around the world.  As seen previously during the preceding meetings, this year also the 6th successive meeting promises to bring together various collaborators into a single event … Continue Reading →

Photo Jan 11, 18 56 57

1st SPACE Retreat – January 2013 – Tenerife, Canary Islands

On 8th January 2013, I arrived in Tenerife, one of the Canary Islands, to take part in the 1st SPACE Retreat. It took me a couple of hours to find myself in the Tropical Park in Callao Salvaje where the 1st SPACE Retreat would be hosted.  Upon arrival I had a warm welcome by Virgiliu Pop, my friend from Romanian Space Agency (ROSA). Soon afterwards I was directed to my apartment, with a nice balcony view of El Teide and … Continue Reading →

Venus Transit

Expedition for Venus Transit 2012

On the morning of 06th of June 2012 Sri Lanka witnessed a rare event of the astronomy calendar, the transit of planet Venus over the solar disk. Provided the difference of the eccentricity and the deviation of the Venus’s orbit from those of the Earth, the alignment of these celestial bodies is rare and hence occurs in pairs with a period of 112 years. The Mathematical & Astronomical Society (MAS) of University of Colombo had made arrangements for the coverage … Continue Reading →

Annular Solar Eclipse Expedition 2010 & Outreach Campaign

Annular Solar Eclipse Expedition 2010 & Outreach Campaign

As many of you are aware, we went on an expedition to bring out a live webcast of the annular solar eclipse that took place on last 15th January 2010. The other priority of this eclipse expedition was to conduct an outreach campaign enabling as many peoples as possible to watch the eclipse with safe methods. (If you have been with my other blog which is dedicated to eclipse 2010, you must have known the whole story, for I brought … Continue Reading →


Blogging from Brazil !!

Finally, I made it to Campos, RJ, Brazil last Monday and now we’re the beginning of the 5th Meeting on Astronomy and Astronautics. Actually it;s supposed to get started in a few hours time and I will remind you the schedule for today.Day 1 – April 19th – Dia 19 de abril Shopping Boulevard – Campos 9:00h – Opening Ceremony – Abertura 10:00h  – My astrophotography work in « The World At Night » – Meu trabalho de Astrofotografia no “The World … Continue Reading →


Golden Moments -5th International Meeting on Astronomy and Astronautics – 2012, Brazil

It’s always been a pleasant experience cherishing past memories with great happenings. Even now, just a month and a week later, I can be happy going though my own flashback of 5th International Meeting on Astronomy and Astronautics held in Brazil. Blogging requires to be specific sometimes and in this post I will recall about some interesting happenings took place during the 3 days from 19th to 22nd of April 2012. You can always check about the pre-events that preceded … Continue Reading →